Introduction to Amazon EC2 – Elastic Cloud Server & Hosting with AWS .

Amazon Ec2

What ever kind of application you run is pretty certain you need a service, sometimes you need larger one, sometimes you need smaller one, sometimes you need not many and other times you need tens of hundreds. Whatever your requirement service should be quickly and inexpensively. Traditionally you have research as per the current markets need to buy may be budget will come into the scenario and after purchasing the hardware once purchase the hardware you will stuck with them with lot of maintenance like space, power etc.Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Cloud) It makes easy to in virtual service in the cloud quickly and inexpensively.

You simply choose instance type you want and select template which suits for your requirement which is based on windows or Linux and can launch the quantity you need, can do this with few clicks from your management console or API using HDK in your choice of language within minutes your instance will be running with full administrator access just like any other server.

Here you pay only for the you use, if you stop using instance then no need to pay money you can just stop paying the money. Amazon EC2 provides range of instance stats designed for different cases, these range from small economical range that will be a great choice for low volume applications. Cluster computing designed for high performing computing workloads and cloud based super computing on demand. Amazon EC2 provides optimized CPU, Memory and storage based upon your requirement, you can customize whatever workloads you must run. Amazon Ec2 allows you to easy and resize if your business requirements changes.

Amazon EC2 – Elastic Cloud

Amazon Ec2 offers a trace in flexible pricing options which in on demand pricing, you pay only for you use, when you stop your instances you stop paying, no long-term commitments or upfront fees.

We know that security is very important for any application, EC2 number of built in security features, your instances are located in virtual private cloud VPU that is logically isolated network you control. Amazon VPC provides you number of network security features.

  • Network ACLS
  • AWS IAM Users and permissions.
  • Security Groups.

You can also connect securely to your on premises network with on hardware based VPN Device.

Amazon Ec2 instances provides you various amount of instances depending upon instance types your requirement and also you can use Amazon EBS(Elastic Block store) to provide block storage for amazon Ec2 instance, Amazon EBS also offers you the provisioned storage with specific level to meet the needs of your application.

Amazon Ec2 also provides the auto scaling You can customize whenever your required based on your application performance Amazon EC2 provides, this will help you to manage your applications without manual interaction and pay only what you need.