Amazon Simple storage service(S3)

One of the biggest challenges during my IT Career, managing the storage requirements for applications which we supported which was always at premium. Which maintaining backup for each and every respective applications individually is a big task, to overcome this we have an Amazon S3 it changes everything. It has an unlimited cost effective storage that is available on  demand, with unrepresented level durability and availability .Not only this amazon S3 provide easily hosted static websites , provides content to the end users around the globe .

What is Amazon S3 :

Provides an storage to Developers and IT Team’s secured durable and highly scalable storage, basically it is an file storage in the cloud .

Complete details on AWS Amazon S3 :

Durable : Amazon S3 is extremely durable,  your data is stored under multiple localities and multiple devices . Amazon S3 has 11 9s,


Amazon S3 availability :

It is also highly available, Amazon S3 designed for 99.99% Availability, you can also choose the AWS.


Optimize your latency, minimize your storage cost and also address regulatory compliance. If you want to need store data in specific country select specific region which satisfies that needs.

Cost Efficient :

You can store huge amount of data at low cost, if you are using data for giga byte, only for that you need to pay on monthly basis.

Amazon S3 secure :

Amazon S3 provides SSL Data secure transfer, encryption policy once it been uploaded you can also access your data using IAM to the specific S3 policies .

Scalable : Amazon S3 is also highly scalable, it allows you to store the as much as you want, up and down as your requirement  Only you need to pay for what you use it .

Notifications : You can also configure notifications to it, when objects are loaded into it SQS, SNS and LAMDA this way you set your workflows to the files.

Highly Performance : Amazon S3 also highly performance , amazon S3 provides an new service edge location to increase upload and download time .

Integrated : Amazon S3 is fully integrated with AWS poducts like

  • Cloud watch
  • Cloud Front
  • RDS
  • EBS

Easy to Use : It is also very easy to use .

Amazon S3 is ideal for this purpose, you can store unlimited data . Traditional IT Infrastructure storage capacity . It can provides you as many backups you want at low cost .

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Elastic Web-scale computing : 

Content storage and distribution : Is great for content storage distribution . you can also distribute you content to end users, S3 as a source , you can provide fast access.

Big Data : It is also great for Big data ,

Static website hosting : It allows you to host a entire static website at low cost, highly available hosting solutions .

 Disaster recovery : It is available on multiple regions, if any disaster occurs on particular region. You can access data from the other regions.

Bucket security : You can set permissions like which user wants to create , read , retrieve and delete it. You can also create a S3 logs, who had accessed your files by logs you can find .