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AWS Certification : Interested in getting AWS Certification but not sure how and where to start, this article will help you to get the certification in 30 Days, recently I completed my first two AWS Certification that is Solution Architect and developer associate.When people came to know I received a massive number of requests from my friends and colleagues they want to know information regarding the resources and study guide and more.

• How to get your first AWS certification in just 30 days?
• Why get AWS certified?
• Where to start?

Resources and Scheduling: 

• Where to find exam blueprint?
• Insight into available paid online training courses?
• How to prepare by using only free resources?
• How to Practice for exam contents?
• How to prepare an effective study schedule?
We have covered in this article why to get AWS Certifications, where to start, where to find blue exam print, how to find best paid and free resources online, how to master required areas of specification, how to plan your time for the preparation

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Service(AWS) is a Secure Cloud Service Platform offering to compute power, Database Storage, Content Delivery and other Functionality to help the business scale and grow.AWS is the Cloud Platform provided by, its a collection of cloud computing services including database, storage, networking and some other application services. There are around 50 services available as on today that makes up the On Demand Computing Platform.You can go to for more information.

AWS offers services:

• A collection of Cloud Computing Services
• There is a massive demand for cloud skills
• Will help you to get a better job or a more significant paycheck
• Average Certified Developer would make $137K per year
• Average Certified Solution Architect would make $117k per year
• As per glass door, AWS Solution architect makes $150K per year
• AWS is ranked top in Money Making Certifications for the year 2016.
Why is it a good idea to Learn AWS?
Irrespective of being certified or not?AWS skills are going to be the hot skill in today’s Market; it will help you to get a better job in case you don’t have one or to get a bigger paycheck if you have already one.
Why do you want AWS Certified?
Before we go into details let’s see some members, Average AWS Certified Developer makes $137, and Solution Architect makes $117 per year. As per Glassdoor, salaries are even higher.On Average Solution Architect makes $152 per year. Do you still want to know more reasons to get certified?
Also, AWS stands top among the money making world, you can find a lot of articles on the web talking about the same.

How difficult is it?

Let’s move on to the core objective of this article. How difficult is it? Well, it is not as difficult as PMP or CCNA.As per Amazon, minimum one year experience in AWS before taking the exam, but you don’t need to prove your experience, unlike some other certifications, asked you to do. Will depends on your prior experience and investment of time for preparation.
• AWS expects one year of experience, but it’s not mandatory
• It’s not as difficult as PMP or CCNA
• Should be ready to invest 3 hours per day in preparation
• Would take average 4 to 6 weeks for a technical person
• There are enough resources available on Web.
If a person I having one year experience they might have to spend three weeks for associate developer certification, but if you are new , it might take 4 to 6 weeks provided that to you need to spend on an average 3 hours per day.
Let’s come back and see how to spend 3 hours per day. We strongly believe eight weeks is good enough to prepare even if you are nontechnical and don’t want to spend your weekends for the preparation.

Where to start from?

The next important topic is where to start? Before we discuss how and where to start of the preparation, we would like to explain the certification paths let’s check out It has two professional level certification streams solution architect and DevOps engineer which you are not qualified to appear until you finish, the associate level certification for the same streams for example if you want to be a solution architect professional you will need to complete the solution architect associate first same for DevOps Professional to get their boss professional you will need to complete either developer or admin Associate certification first. Here you have three choices, to begin with, associate solution architect, associate developer or associate assists of admin from our experience and research associate C Sub admin is the most difficult among the three so we are not advising to start with C Subs but currently if anyone is working as an infrastructure admin and Managing VMs Storage or networking sisa administration would be the better certificate to start it now most of us come from non sys admin background so we would strongly suggest you to try either associate solution architect or associate developer to start .

AWS certification

• AWS has two professional streams: Solution Architect and DevOps Engineer
• Associate Certification is prerequisite for professional level certifications
• Three options to begin:
-Associate Solution Architect
-Associate Developer
-Associate SysOps Administrator
• Start with either Associate Solution Architect or Developer
• Solution Architect Associate covers maximum AWS services
• Recommended to start first with Solution Architect Associate
• Associate SysOps administrator is severe among the three

Both the certification shares 50 % of the content that means if you prepare for one exam but in actual you would know 50% of both the reviews we would suggest the easier of two is associate developer however but in gaining knowledge and learning all cloud concepts we recommend associate solution architect .solution architect associate certification covers most of the AWS services thoroughly understand some fundamental concepts in detail so even though it is little bit hard but we would advise you to prepare the solution architect associate first, but again it’s entirely up to you on what you would like to do first also it entirely depends if you like to align your current role to your certification stream to add extra value
This page is mainly focusing on solution Architect Preparation but again it is preparing you for the developer exam along with it as the chairs 50% of the content also most of the upcoming tips will be applicable for developer exam preparation.

Where to find the exam blue Print?

Our next step is where to find the exam blueprint for that you need to visit the official website AWS.AMAZON.COM to take an associate page on top of the page you will see the objects or areas that you need to understand and focus on. In the next section it gives the details on candidates eligibility for the exam as mentioned before in the article ,AWS wants you to have 1 or more years of experience but you will not need to provide any proof of that in the third section exam overview ,in exam you will get like 80 minutes to complete 60 Questions and the exam fee is 150 US Dollars the most important on this page if you have example Oakland that you can download by clicking on the link.

• Visit
• Review objectives, Candidates eligibility, and exam overview
• You are given 60 Questions to complete in 80minutes
• Fees would be $150.
• Review Exam blueprint.You also have the option to download
– Knowledge areas
-General IT Knowledge
-Different Domains Which are examined
-List of White Papers
• Review above details after the first or second round of Preparation
Exam blueprint provides the detailed view of exam content and knowledge areas
1.what knowledge areas you will be tested
2.General IT knowledge you might need to know
3.Different domains which are tested in the exam

Online training courses for AWS
Although Amazon group for the exam provides you with the domains that you need to focus on we firmly believe there is a different way of organizing and the efficient way of preparing for the exam we found below three training providers who deliver recorded video libraries for AWS certifications preparations,, Acloudguru and cloud This will help you to make a quick decision and start your training.

AWS Certification


 In-depth course material provides free lab environments.
 Monthly subscription $29 approx. Wide course selection including AWS.
 Cover useful exam tips and sample questions.

• Acloudguru

 Well designed course content, Provides exam tips and pointers.
 Offers Solution architect Associate course for $29.
 Course syllabus not updated, missing few topics, no free lab environments


 Mainly used by fortune 500 Organizations
 Monthly Subscription for $25 approx. Wide course selection including AWS
 Course contents not well organized

Where to find free resources?

If anyone doesn’t want to spend any money on the above websites, you can prepare on your own without spending a dollar. We will explain to you how to do that, in official websites i.e. AWS itself provides some introductory videos it’s a good start to understand the topic and make the beginning, for an example here you can see introduction to Amazon S3 this is introductory video to Amazon S3

You could search the same topic on YouTube; you will come across the lot of videos especially few videos from Amazon Reinvent. It is an event where they announce new offerings and run workshops on various topics it’s a global customer and partner conference held every year in Las Vegas you will find the recorded sessions on the same on YouTube try the 200 Level first ask their fundamentals then move on to 300 or 400 levels which are advanced level topics. Also, you will notice Linux Academy has posted some of the videos on YouTube. We would strongly recommend going through.

 Download questions from paid resources.
 AWS website provides introductory videos for each service.
 View AWS Reinvent Videos on YouTube.
 Linux Academy Videos on YouTube.
 AWS’s Frequently Asked Questions and Developers Guide.
 70% of questions are expected from the FAQ.
 Free Credit sessions from

Apart from all go through FAQ’s in official Website along with your own preparation.

70% of the questions were asked in the certification exam.

AWS certification

How to Practice exam topics?

Hands on Practice for the exam not only it helps you to remember what you learn but also it helps you to score high in exams again not to worry Amazon provides free to your account which will help you to get practiced check once you have created your account you get 12 months of free services on key areas ,you can get a ec2 instance for 750 hours free Amazon S3 with 5GB of storage free you can find all available free services on utilization limits in official website of Amazon. Please be careful if you exceed your limit of free tier usage you will be built from their own after you have finished using the services make sure to terminate or delete them immediately.Let’s say you have created an ec2 instance and practice on it once you are done for the day or if you think you will not be using it for next few hours terminate the instance immediately it is really easy to recreate them when you need them again. Also recently came across the website Qwiklabs at ,they are Amazon partners who will provide live lab along with the set of instructions they will walk you through the real world scenario based use cases you will be charged only on the number of credits you are using but some introductory labs are free is what to check them out hope you have all the resources now to get started the next step is to prepare our plan a study schedule.

 Hands-on Practice is must
 Check free tier account from AWS
 750 hours free EC2 instance and 5GB of S3 Storage
 Check for credit based usage
 Qwiklabs provides live labs with instructions
 Real world scenario based use-cases available

How to make an effective study schedule?

Below study schedule is given based on the success story of others, as mentioned in this article one should spend at least 3 hours per day, if anyone is spending lesser time then plan to add additional weeks in total we are talking about 100 hours of preparation here to get success in your first attempt.
If you use video courses from Linux Academy or A cloud guru you should watch videos on 1.5r2x speed that helps you to review them faster

 4 to 6 weeks of preparation time with 3Hours/day
 will need three rounds of study with each being 30 hours
 First Round 40% Videos,60% hands-on lab experience
 Second Round 30% Videos 30% Hands-on lab experience
 Review AWS exam blueprint
 Third Round 25% videos 25% hands on 50% FAQ
 Review recommended white papers
 Try Amazon Practice exam priced$20
 If you consistently score above 90% on internal practice exam then schedule the exam

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